Child Fatality Review Team (CFRT)

The Child Fatality Review Team (CFRT) of the CAC of Putnam County is fully approved by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, under Section 422-b and Section 20(5) of Social Services Law, and as such is mandated to regularly review all deaths of children residing in Putnam County.

The purpose and goals of the CFRT are to prevent future deaths and promote child safety.  Unexpected and untimely deaths of infants, children, adolescents and adults can create opportunities to turn tragedies into lessons to prevent other deaths. Understanding the circumstances of and taking action in order to prevent these deaths is the work of The CAC’s Child Fatality Review Team (CFRT). The team meets quarterly and focuses on education and awareness around issues and trends noted in the community through case reviews, needs assessments and current events.

While tragic, the unexpected deaths of infants, children, adolescents and teens are examined to see if the deaths could have been prevented. The examination enables county and community agencies to identify if there were any gaps in services available to families, and raise public awareness if there are measures that can be taken to avoid further fatalities.

In addition to prevention, education and awareness, another goal of the CFRT program is to ensure that all families receive needed services following a child’s death. CAC Victim Advocates are instrumental in ensuring that surviving family members receive needed support and assistance.